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Project Description
Dark Lake Tools is a collection of website utilities. It includes dynamic image sizing and resizing, dynamic text creation, javascript packing, combination and minify, page viewstate compression and movement for SEO.

This project contains the following major components.

CSS Utility More...

  • Combines multiple CSS files into a single file.
  • Strips excess white space from CSS
  • Caches CSS Responses

Java Script Utility More...

  • Combines multiple Java Script files into a single file.
  • Minifies Java Script
  • Caches Java Script Responses

Improved Page Object More...

  • Compresses ViewState
  • Moves ViewState to the bottom of the page

Dynamic Text Image Creation More...

  • Allows for the dynamic creation of text images

Dynamic Image Processing More...

  • Resizes and Caches Images (Thumbnails)
  • Maintains Aspect Ratio
  • Allows for croping
  • Adjusts quality to conserve bandwidth

About the Author

Special Thanks - With out this i would never have been able to do config files. - Douglas Crockford - the javascript minify component is credited to him.

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